Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lost - "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

Lost really seems to be back on track! I enjoyed the last episode and was happy to see that they are going back to the characters that I love. The flashback (if you could call it that!) was about Desmond this week. It seems that when the hatch exploded, Desmond not only saw his life flash before his eyes, but he at least thinks he went back in time and was living in the happy days with Penny. In order to save the world though, a scary old lady told him he needed to live it the way he had originally, so he gives up Penny and chooses to go the same path. Back on the island, Desmond can now see the future. Surprisingly we find out he is not trying to save Claire . . . but Charlie from eminent death. NOT CHARLIE!!! I love Charlie. I hope Desmond keeps on saving him because I would really hate for Charlie to go.

I keep reading about Lost having lost it's ratings . . . the show is still one of the best shows on TV - I hope this doesn't lead to its premature cancellation. Hopefully they can either pick it back up this season or fix it next season (a la Desperate Housewives). I hate when producers screw with time changes, strange season break-ups, and a slow season fall start-up and then everyone cries when the ratings are down. Sigh . . . don't mess with something when it works!! And having 12 million viewers is not bad!!!

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