Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stargate Series Finale

Ben and I watched the Stargate finale last night (we are very behind on our TV shows - that's what happens when you have a son that would rather be outside all of the time!). We were very underwhelmed by the finale. The shows leading up to the series conclusion were definitely not the best, but we held out hope that they would make the series finale spectacular. It was anything but spectacular. I think the season finales have always been better than this show.

What didn't I like? First of all, the predictable plot line of the show seemed to be ripped off from other sci-fi shows. Didn't I see this before on Star Trek Voyager? It did not have an awe inspiring plot line that would have been a great finale. Even if they would have done a funny original story for the end, that would have worked. But to use a tired story line shown better on another show was kind of sad.

I also didn't like how General Jack O'Neil didn't make an appearance. The show hasn't been the same since he got promoted and moved out of the limelight. If they were going to have a lame plot, they could have at least brought Jack back and made him and Samantha Carter end up together. I've been wanting that to happen for years - and I'm not alone!

I didn't like how Daniel Jackson and Vala (I'm not sure if I spelled that right) ended up together in the future. Their pairing is unlikely. The rip down that Daniel gave Vala seemed strange to me to happen right before a passionate encounter.

The Ori returning and chasing them around didn't make much sense to me. They already did away with the gods, it would have been a cooler show for them to anhilate the Ori followers once and for all.

What did I like? I like that the Asgard came back and we got to see the end of their civilization. I liked that we got to see them go through the gate one last time. Otherwise, I was disappointed.

What did you think of the finale? Did anyone like it or were you underwhelmed like me?

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