Thursday, August 21, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is a chick flick with a unique premise. A father, Will Hayes, tells his young daughter Maya a love story of how he ended up with her mother. He will change the names and "some of the facts" so that she won't know who her mother will be at the end. Basically the story is how will came from Madison, Wisconsin to New York City as a young idealist to work on Bill Clinton's 1992 compaign. He leaves behind his college sweatheart Emily. He has to deliver a mysterious package to Emily's friend Summer and has a good friendship with the coffee girl Apri. These three women are the love story over the next ten years.

I enjoyed the movie, but especially liked how it was set in the 1990's. It was interesting to see how the city changed through time. I also laughed when he was originally from Wisconsin. It seems like Wisconsin is always the state of chose for a midwestern location in movies.

The movie seemed to stretch it for me though that the dad would tell his young daugher such raunchy details including the fact that Emily and Summer had an affair, Emily slept with his roommate, etc. Why would you want your daughter to know such personal details about her mother? Also Maya was a bit too good to be true. The ending surprised me, but no offense, but a daughter that is living through a divorce isn't going to want to help set her dad up with someone else. Unrealistic.

Otherwise it was a pretty good movie - I'd say mediocre chick flick. It provided a few laughs even to Ben who was passing by as I watched it.

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