Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I finally got Breaking Dawn from the library and finished up the Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn was a good book and kept me riveted at the end with the adventure and final showdown, but overall I thought it was the weakest of the set.

I felt this way mostly because after the tension has built up between Bella and Edward for three books, it was a let down for them to be suddenly married and for Bella to be in the midst of a horrific pregnancy. It was strange for Jacob to be the narrator for much of the first half of the book. The pregnancy details were terrible and could have been toned down. I liked the second half of the book one this first part of over. I didn't feel at the end though that the saga was finished - I want to know more about what will happen to Nessie.

So what was the overall plot of this book? Bella and Edward finally marry, but Bella becomes pregnant on her honeymoon. The pregnancy does not go well with a half vampire baby. Nessie is born and is perfect, but the vampire world is thrown into upheavel at her birth. Bella and Edward and all of the Cullens must find a way to protect her and keep their family together.

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  1. Totally agree...it was a huge let down for me. :(