Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Santa Claus brought WALL-E to the Gerold family this Christmas. We watched it on Christmas day and we all enjoyed it - Ben, myself, and our almost three year old. I can't say whether 8 month old Danny enjoyed it since he doesn't really watch TV and spent the hour trying to steal big brother's toys.

WALL-E depicts a rather unpleasant future for humanity. Mankind has apparently polluted the earth so much with solid waste that no living thing can grow. "Big 'n Large" corporation sends humanity on a "five-year" space cruise while waste compactors are left to try to clean up the mess. 700 years later, WALL-E is the only one left and humanity has turned into super sized lazy people who can't even walk on their own. WALL-E is still doing his job after 700 years and finds things in the garbage to amuse himself. EVE, a robot sent by the human space ship shows up to look for plant forms. WALL-E falls in love, but will humanity be able to escape the lifestyle that "Big 'n Large" created for them and settle back on earth?

Kile likes spaceships and thought it was great. He was very concerned for WALL-E throughout the movie. I liked the story and thought the artistry of the movie was supurb. I also loved the music from an old musical that WALL-E liked to listen too. I just looked it up and it is "Hello Dolly." It worked perfectly into the movie. I love the Disney/Pixar collarbortion. They make superior films that are not only enjoyable for kids, but are smart pictures that the entire family can enjoy. And making a movie set in space concerning environmental issues is something that I can get excited about!

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