Monday, March 23, 2009


For some reasons, the word wanted makes me think, "Wanted, Dead or Alive" as sung by Jon Bon Jovi. I may have listened to that "cassette" a little too much in my youth:-)

Wanted is an action packed movie starring James McAvoy (Wesley Gibson) and Angelina Jolie (Fox). I read an excellent review of this on J.Kaye's blog (and also knowing Ben's passion for Angelina Jolie) and decided that I should check it out from my local library. A few months later, I finally received it!

Wesley Gibson is a panic attack prone "account manager" who has a really crappy life. One day he discovers that he is the son of a murdered assassin and joins "The Fraternity." At "The Fraternity" he is trained by Angelina Jolie to become a top assassin in order to track down his father's killer.

The real star of this movie was the special effects - they were fantastic. I especially loved the chase scene where Angelina Jolie spun her Dodge Viper and scoped up Wesley. Cool. The entire movie had the feel of a comic book to it . . . so I wasn't too surprised to learn it was based on a comic. While I could believe in bullets that curved, I had a hard time with Fox running in high heels. Why is that considered sexy in an action movie? It's hard enough to walk in 4-5 inch heels, how the heck could you run in them? I'm just saying . . . :-)

Overall, I enjoyed this move as did Ben. The story, effects, and stars were great. It was VERY violent though so it is not for the faint of heart or young children.


  1. LOL about running in high heels. I don't wear them - ever, so stuff like that doesn't come to mind. You are right though. Running and heels aren't a realistic mix.

  2. The film was cool, those effects were very well made, and I sure enjoyed McAvoy