Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your Favorite Literary Couple . . .

It turns out that not only is Mr. Darcy your favorite literary hero from last month's poll, but that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are overwhelmingly this blog's readers' favorite literary couple. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth handily thrashed Edward and Bella from the Twilight Saga 63% to 27%. Jamie & Claire from the Outlander series got a shout-out with 9%.

I think I can take it from this poll that my obsessive reading of Jane Austen spin-off literature and reviews of it are something that you all would like to read. I go in fits and spurts of reading this type of novel. The fall of 2007 was a period where I read a lot of it.

What is it about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth that you love? Please feel free to comment!!

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