Monday, August 21, 2017

Star Trek Prey: The Hall of Heroes (Book 3) by John Jackson Miller

A sci-fi adventure that includes a tale of vengeance one-hundred years in the making, Star Trek Prey:  The Hall of Heroes is an epic original tale that includes many favorite Star Trek characters and is the conclusion of a three book trilogy.

The Unsung are threatening the Klingon Empire and Chancellor Martok is having a hard time keeping control as the violence continues.  The Federation including Admiral Riker, Captain Picard, Commander Worf, and Tuvok work together to solve the mystery of the Unsung.

I really enjoyed this trilogy.  All three books were action packed with great character build up and interactions.  The Hall of Heroes was a fantastic conclusion with plenty of adventure.  Author John Jackson Miller really knows the classic characters and serves them well in the story while also creating new interesting characters.  I also loved that the humor typical of Star Trek has been kept into place.  It’s nice to have a light moment between action sequences. The ending of the story left it open for more adventures – I would certainly love more myself!

Robert Petkoff was a top notch narrator for this audiobook trilogy.  His voices were perfect for the characters and he did a great job of getting into character for the large cast. This was a great trilogy to listen to via audiobook.  I would love to listen to more audiobooks from this author / narrator combination.

Overall Star Trek Prey:  Hall of Heroes (Book 3) is a perfect and satisfying conclusion to the Star Trek Prey trilogy full of adventure, suspense, humor, and great characters.    Petkoff is a great character voice actor and he narrates this trilogy perfectly.  I highly recommend this audiobook and this entire trilogy!

How are you celebrating 50 years of Star Trek?  Besides listening to this riveting audiobook trilogy, I’ve been watching the Original Series, Next Generation, and Voyager episodes with my family.  We have all been excited about the new Star Trek Discovery series, but were sad to just find out its rated MA so we can’t watch it as a family.

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