Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

I love reading a variety of different types of books, but my favorite genre is Historical Fiction.  I'm happy again this year to be a part of Passages to the Past Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.

I am not sure what this year will bring me for historical fiction, but I will set myself a modest goal of Medieval - 15 books.

Happy Reading!  What is your favorite genre?  Will you be a part of a reading challenge this year?


  1. 15 books does not sound like a modest goal to me! Best of luck with this challenge, Laura. I enjoy historical fiction, but join very few reading challenges.

  2. I'm also going for Medieval this year!

  3. Awesome - we'll have to check out each others reviews Davida!

    Suko - I've slowed down on reading challenges over the years as well, but I always love this one!