Sunday, November 27, 2022

How to Survive Everything by Ewan Morrison


Do you like dystopian novels? After COVID, do you feel more or less prepared for a future pandemic?

Thank you, Partner @bibliolifestyle @harperperennial for the review copy of How to Survive Everything by Ewan Morrison.


My name is Haley Cooper Crowe and I am in lockdown in a remote location I can’t tell you about.

Children of divorce, Haley and Ben live with their mother. But their dad believes there’s a new, much deadlier pandemic coming and is determined to keep them alive. He wants to take them to his prepper hideaway where they will be safe from other people. NOW. But there’s no way their mother will go along with his plan. Saving them requires extreme measures.

Kidnapped by their father and confined to his compound far off the grid, Haley and Ben have no contact with the outside world. How can they save their mother? Will they make it out alive? Is the threat real—or is this all just a dark fantasy brought on by their conspiracy obsessed father’s warped imagination?

Propulsive and chilling in its realism, How to Survive Everything is the story of a world imploding; a teenage girl’s record for negotiating the collapse of everything she knows—including her family and sanity.

Review Thoughts: With family visiting for the holidays, I haven't had a chance to write up a comprehensive review. I liked that I wasn't sure in this book if Haley's Dad was off in his world or if the pandemic was reality. It told through Haley's first person perspective and I thought it was riveting. Haley wonders about her Mom at first and her friends. She has teen angst about the only teen boy in the bunker, Danny. Do they like each other as the only two teens left in their bunker? There is also a horrifying surgery where the realities of living without modern medicine set in. I was looking for something different to read and enjoyed this one.

This book was published on November 15th.

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