Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I love the Twilight series, therefore I thought it was about time to check out Meyer's "adult" fiction.

The Host is a very interesting science fiction novel. In a not so distant future, an alien race has taken over the earth. They are parasitic type creatures that bind to a host human's brain and take over the human's thought functions and personality. So the human is no longer themselves although there body is still walking around. Scary! In this novel, Wanderer has been installed in an adult human body that has just been captured. Melanie fights back however and Wanderer has to share the mind with Melanie. Wanderer keeps getting memories from Melanie's old life and finds herself falling in love with the memory of a man named Jared. Where is Jared and Melanie's brother Jamie? Are there more rogue humans left on earth? To tell more of the plot would give too much away.

The concept of the novel isn't new if you are a Star Trek or Stargate fan. What is new is the depth that the novel portrays the thoughts, conflictions, and emotional journeys of Wanderer. This is something that is generally avoided in sci-fi. There is a nice love quadrangle and I found myself riveted by the novel. It is not as fantastic as the Twilight series - but it is still an excellent novel. It had me asking Ben such questions as, would you still love me if I had been taken over by an alien being? I was riveted throughout and couldn't put it down towards the end. I highly recommend this novel!

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