Historical Fiction


Old Chevy on the Prairie:  Our Journey to Visit Little House Sites
Top Ten Pioneer Books 


Ancient Times

Biblical Times
A.D. 33 by Ted Dekker

Middle Ages


17th Century

18th Century


Mexican American War

Civil War (and directly after)

19TH Century

Turn of the Century (Pre-WWI)







20th Century

Spans Centuries

Ackerman, Sara
The Lieutenant's Nurse

Adams, Thelma
The Last Woman Standing

Alexander, Tianna

Carolina Built

Alexander, Tamera
To Wager Her Heart
With This Pledge

Adler, Malka 

Anderson, Rebecca

Arlen, Tessa

Austin, Finola
Bronte's Mistress

Crispin:  The Cross of Lead
Crispin:  At the Edge of  the World

Balson, Ronald H.

Barron, Stephanie

Bayard, Louis
Courting Mr. Lincoln
The Black Tower
The Pale Blue Eye
Mr. Timothy

Beanland, Rachel

The House is on Fire

Beaton, M.C. or Marion Chesney
Regency Gold

Benedict, Marie

The Personal Librarian

Bennett Brit

The Vanishing Half

Benjamin, Melanie
The Aviator's Wife

The Children's Blizzard

Black, Lucy E.M.
Eleanor Courtown

Blume, Judy
In the Unlikely Event

Bohjalian - Chris

Hour of the Witch

Boyne, John
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Brooks, Karen
The Chocolate Maker's Wife

Brown, Kimberly Garrett

Bryan, Helen
The Valley

Buck, Pearl S.

Butler, Octavia E.

Byrd, Sandra
Lady of a Thousand Treasures

Callahan, Patti

Once Upon a Wardrobe

Caudill, Crystal

Counterfeit Love

Chadwick, Elizabeth

Chamberlain, Diane

Charry, Brinda

Chiaverini, Jennifer

Christie, Agatha

Ciesielski, J'Nell

Beauty Among the Ruins

Clayton - Meg Waite

Cleave, Chris
Everyone Brave is Forgiven 

 Cleefton, Chanel

Clinch, Jon

Conlon-McKenna, Marita
Rebel Sisters

Cooper, James Fenimore
The Last of the Mohicans

Cooper, Tea

The Cartographer's Secret

Correa, Armando Lucas
The German Girl

Dailey, Janet

A Calder at Heart

Davis, Fiona

The Magnolia Palace

Deibel, Jennifer

The Maid of Ballymacool

de Gramont, Nina

The Christie Affair

Dekker, Ted
A.D. 33 

Doerr, Anthony  

Donoghue, Emma
The Pull of the Stars

Dray, Stephanie and Laura Kamoie
America's First Daughter
My Dear Hamilton

Duffy, Kimberly

Every Word Unsaid

Du Maurier, Daphne
Jamaica Inn

Dykes, Amanda

All the Lost Places

Eden, Sarah M. 

The Merchant and the Rogue

Erdrich, Louise
The Birchbark House

Evans, Richard Paul
Noel Street

Fajardo-Anstine, Kali

Woman of Light

Fellowes, Julian

Ferber, Edna
So Big

Flynn, Kathleen A.
The Jane Austen Project

 Foster, Brooke Lea

Fox, Hester
The Witch of Willow Hall

Frantz, Laura

The Rose and the Thistle

Garmus, Bonnie

Lessons in Chemistry

Gaynor, Hazel
The Cottingley Secret
Last Christmas in Paris

Gilman, Susan Jane
The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street

Gortner, C.W.

Graham, Winston
Ross Poldark 
Demelza Poldark 
Jeremy Poldark 

Grande, Reyna

Gratz, Alan

Greeley, Molly

Gregory, Philippa 
Earthly Joys

Grissom, Kathleen

Crow Mary

Gyasi, Yaa


Hadlow, Janice

The Other Bennet Sister

Handeland, Lori

Suddenly That Summer

Hannah, Kristin

Harmel, Kristin

Harper, Karen
American Duchess
The Royal Nanny

Harvey, Kristy Woodson

Hawthorne, Nathanial

Heyer, Georgette
The Corinthian

Hlad, Alan

The Book Spy

Hoffman, Alice

Magic Lessons


Hooper, Elise

Hornby, Gill

Ishiguro, Kazuo
The Remains of the Day

Jaeger, Meredith
Boardwalk Summer 

Jenner, Natalie

Jiles, Paulette

Johns, Ana
The Woman in the White Kimono

Johnson, Jen Geigle

To Win Her Hand

Johnson, Sadeqa

The House of Eve

The Yellow Wife

Johnson, Todd M.

The Barrister and the Letter of the Marque

Joshi, Alka

The Henna Artist

Kearsley, Susanna
A Desperate Fortune
The Firebird 
The Rose Garden 

Kelly, Julia

Kiste, Gwendolyn

Klassen, Julie

Knight, Eliza

Knowles, John

Kortchik, Lana

Ladd, Sarah E.

Lane, Rose Wilder
Young Pioneers

Laurens, Stephanie
Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Goose

Lippman, Laura
Lady in the Lake

Macneal, Elizabeth
The Doll Factory

Macomber, Debbie

The Christmas Spirit

Manning, Kate

Gilded Mountain

Manning, Kirsty
The Song of the Jade Lily

Marsh, Beezy

Queen of Thieves

Martin, Madeline

The Last Bookshop in London

Matthews, Mimi

Maxwell, William
So Long, See You Tomorrow

McCoy, Sarah

McCrumb, Sharyn
Prayers the Devil Answers

Messineo, Teresa
The Fire by Night

Meyer, Gabrielle

In This Moment

Miller, Carolyn

Miller, Sarah

 Millner, Denene

Mitchell, Margaret

Moggach, Deborah
Tulip Fever

Monette, Ginger
Darcy's Hope:  Beauty from Ashes

Montefiore, Santa
The Secret of the Irish Castle

Montgomery, LM
Rilla of Ingleside

Moore, Heather B.

Morrow, Jill

Murray, Victoria Christopher

Nack, Leslie Johansen

O'Brien - Keith

Odden, Karen

Page, Sharon
The Worthington Wife

Palacio, RJ
White Bird

Pataki, Allison
The Accidental Empress

Paul, Gill
The Lost Daughter 

Penner, Sarah

 Pike, Signe

Pillitteri, Joseph
Courage Between Love and Death

Quinn, Kate
The Alice Network 
The Huntress

Rader - Day, Lori

Rafala, Marco
How Fires End

Ramunno, Oriana

Ashes in the Snow

Reay, Katherine

Reid, Taylor Jenkins

Richardson, Kim Michele

Riley, Vanessa

Rimmer, Kelly

Rindell, Suzanne
The Other Typist 

Robotham, Mandy
The Resistance Girl

Robson, Jennifer
The Gown

Rose, M.J.
Tiffany Blues 

Russell, Mary Doria
The Women of the Copper Country

Ryan, Jennifer
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir

Ryan, Pam Munoz

Scott, Anika

Scott, Sir Walter

See, Lisa

Setterfield, Diane
Bellman and Black
Once Upon a River

Shipman, Viola

The Heirloom Garden

Simonson, Helen
The Summer Before the War

Skenandore, Amanda
Between Earth and Sky

Smith, Katy Simpson
Free Men 

Snyder, John
Jacob's Bell

Solomons, Natasha
The Song of Hartgrove Hall 

Steiner, Logan

After Anne

Stern, Herbert J. and Alan A Winter

Stillman, Whit
Love and Friendship

Taylor, Andrew
The Second Midnight

Todd, Charles
A Fine Summer's Day 

Tromp, Janyre

Tully, Daniela
Hotel on Shadow Lake

van Alkemade, Kim

Veletzos, Roxanne

Vetsch - Erica

Waters, Martha

To Love and to Loathe

Webb, Heather

Weiner, Jennifer
Mrs. Everything

Wells, Christine

The Royal Windsor Secret

Wen, Amanda

O Little Town

Wiggs, Susan
Map of the Heart 

Willig, Lauren

Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little House in the Big Woods
Little House on the Prairie
On the Banks of Plum Creek 
By the Shores of Silver Lake
The Long Winter
Old Chevy Truck on the Prairie:  Our Journey to Visit Little House Sites 

Williams, Beatriz

Wingate, Lisa
Before We Were Yours

White, Karen

White,Roseanna M.

Whitehead, Colten

Harlem Shuffle

Wood, Shelley
The Quintland Sisters


Finding the Hero's Journey: Or How Shadows and Strongholds Came to Be Written by Elizabeth Chadwick
Why do Books have Name Changes? by Elizabeth Chadwick
Writing about the Marshals by Elizabeth Chadwick 

Elizabeth Chadwick on the Scarlet Lion 

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