Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Secrets Beneath by Kimberley Woodhouse (Austenprose PR Book Tour)


Have you ever discovered a buried fossil or other treasure?  I found a cool fossil in the St. Joseph River as a child . . . but I threw it back into the river!

Anna Lakeman works with her father, Peter, on paleontology digs of dinosaur bones.  Anna makes sketches of the digs.  When they discover dinosaur bones near their home, they become involved in the Bone Wars.  Anna has felt great sadness due to the loss of her true love, Joshua Ziegler.  He left for medical school and never returned or wrote.  When her father falls ill and Joshua returns, will Anna be able to navigate what life has thrown at her?

I enjoyed that this novel had it all:  well developed characters, romance, mystery, suspense, fascinating history on the Bone Wars.  I didn’t know much at all about the Bone Wars and how competitive they were on finding dinosaur bones in the American west.  I loved the note at the beginning of the novel where author Kimberley Woodhouse discussed how she came up with the idea for the book and talked to the granddaughter of a famous paleontologist, Earl Douglass.  In an author’s note in the back of the novel there is more information and set up for the rest of the books in this series.  I am looking forward to them!

The Secrets Beneath is a clean read and had Christian themes and wisdom woven throughout the novel.

This novel had a great opening line – “The garden – his garden – was alive with color today, while the inside of him was black as death.  Especially when he thought of his father.”

Book Source:  Review copy from Bethany House as a part of the Austenprose PR Book Tour. Thank-you!  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


·       Title: The Secrets Beneath

·       Series: Treasures of the Earth (Book 1)

·       Author: Kimberley Woodhouse

·       Genre: Historical Fiction, Western Romance, Inspirational Fiction

·       Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (September 26, 2023)

·       Length: (336) pages

·       Format: Trade Paperback, eBook, & Audiobook 

·       ISBN: 978-0764241680‎

·       Tour Dates: October 9 – October 23, 2023



Some secrets can only stay buried for so long. . . .

Anna Lakeman has spent her life working alongside her paleontologist father, drawing intricate sketches at every dig. When they find dinosaur bones near their home in Wyoming Territory, they're given the opportunity of a lifetime and are swiftly caught up in the competitive era of the Bone Wars. But after her father becomes sick and Joshua Ziegler, an old beau, returns for the summer, Anna's world is upended, and the practical, orderly life she has made for herself shatters.

Medical student Joshua Ziegler left his hometown to forget Anna, the one woman he truly loved and deeply hurt. But when he returns, time hasn't erased the feelings they've always had for each other. After Joshua's nephew goes missing—just like his sister did years ago—and Anna's job is threatened, tensions mount and dangerous secrets are unearthed.


  • “…a propulsive launch with plenty of fuel for future adventures.”— Publisher’s Weekly
  • "This book is full of intrigue and adventure, twists and turns…I highly recommend you pick up a copy and enjoy the journey."— Tracie Peterson, author of Pictures of the Heart
  • “Fans of Kimberley Woodhouse will rejoice in this launch to a unique and engaging new series."— Jocelyn Green, author of The Metropolitan Affair






Kimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than 30 fiction and nonfiction books. Kim and her incredible husband of 30-plus years live in Colorado, where they play golf together, spend time with their kids and grandbaby, and research all the history around them.



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