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Killing Wonder Woman by Tenaya T.J. Tison Review and GIVEAWAY! (TLC Book Tours)

Subtitle:  Setting Weary Women Free to Win at Work and Soar in Faith

Do you ever feel that life sets an impossible standard for you to achieve through the media and expectations of your work, friends, and family?  Is there a way to let go of these expectations and learn to put your all forward at life and work through your faith?

Killing Wonder Woman has four parts.  The first part defines what the author means by “Killing Wonder Woman.”  My six-year old daughter who is a Wonder Woman fan saw this book and instantly asked, “Why would anyone want to kill Wonder Woman?”  Have no fear, the author does not mean literally to kill Wonder Woman.  She states that “Wonder Woman is any ideal, label, or lie you feel compelled to live up to and use in order to define and measure yourself and your worth.” Author Tenaya Tison implores us to open our eyes and realize that the wonder women of literature and film are idealistic and fictional and we should not set up unrealistic expectations that we can be just like them.  Other wonder woman include women of the Bible, and actual wonder woman that could be a family member or neighbor who seems to have a perfect life that you can’t measure up to.

The second part of Killing Wonder Woman is titled “Set Free” and tells you that “killing the lies and claiming the truth is what sets you free.”  It goes through how to have freedom through Christ and the Holy Spirit and how to accept their guidance.    Part three is Win at Work.  This talks about bringing your faith to the work place and how to think work not just as a means of getting the almighty dollar, but how to work with passion and a purpose.  I agree with this.  When I get dogged down at work with the sheer amount of hours I have to put in to get it all done, I think about the mission of the college I work at – to make it so that everyone can get an education and obtain a job with a livable wage for a family.  I firmly believe in that mission and also in the mission of providing clean water and a clean environment to the world.  The fourth and final part of the book focuses on Faith that Sours.

Killing Wonder Woman had a unique premise that I enjoyed and it truly spoke to me.  I too strive toward impossible goals at times and have had to let go of those standards in order to be a better, happier person.  I enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the book as well and how to move forward my faith journey.  I also enjoyed that author Tenaya Tison is from Wisconsin!  I enjoyed her side story about growing up with a big nose. I too felt that pain growing up!

My favorite quotes:

“We’ve come to believe the lie that if we are smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, or brave enough, then we too can live happily ever after, just like all of the books we read and movies we watched.”

“There’s nothing wrong with admiring the character and accomplishments of these godly women.  Just don’t measure your success in your faith journey, or your worth to God, against them. Why not? Because you aren’t them and you never will be.  If God wanted you to be Esther, He would’ve made you Esther.  But He made you who you are because He loves you that way.”

“God didn’t create us to live in some mold defined by others.  He created us to be free, live abundantly, and walk beautifully and uniquely in the purpose He created for us before we were even born.”

“The house is meticulously clean.  The kids are always on their best behavior.  The budget always balances with a little extra left over at the end of every month.  The jeans from high school still fit.  The meals consists of only healthy choices made from scratch.  Work is so rewarding it can hardly be called work.  Does this sound like your life?  No, me either.”

Overall, Killing Wonder Woman is a book that every woman should read.  It focuses not on telling us how we should live our lives, but how we can accept the path that God has laid out for us.

Book Source:   Review Copy as part of the TLC Book Tour.  For more stops on the tour check out this link.


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Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

When was the last time you read a book that left you sobbing at the end?  Leaving Time was just such a book for me.  That makes it particularly hard to write a review of this book as I don’t want to ruin the experience for someone else!

Leaving Time had a very unique premise.  Jenna Metcalf is a young thirteen old girl that wants to finally discover the truth behind her mother’s appearance.  Her mother was an elephant researcher, Alice Metcalf, who disappeared when Jenna was only three.  Jenna’s parents ran an elephant sanctuary in Northeast United States.  Through some sort of strange series of events a woman was trampled to death at the sanctuary and Alice was found farther away knocked out.  After being taken to the hospital, she checked herself out in the night never to be seen again.  Where did Alice go?  Is she still alive?

Jenna enlists the help of Serenity, a psychic who was once famous, but has lost her power.  Serenity seems to be able to help Jenna find clues, and together the two of them enlist Virgil, the original detective on the case who now a drunken private eye.  Virgil is sure he made a mistake a decade before.  Will this cast of misfits solve the mystery?

The narrative is told from Jenna, Serenity, and Alice.  Alice’s point of view is her research into the grieving of elephants and motherly bonds that she first researched in Africa, and then starts telling her story of meeting Thomas, Jenna’s father, and her journey to living at an elephant sanctuary and becoming a mother.  I really liked the narrative and found it unique.  The story was engaging and page turning and I really liked the characters.

This book was a second book choice for the FLICKS (aka Rogue) Book and Movie Club.  We sadly had to cancel our May meeting due to everyone being busy.  I hope that we get to discuss our books at some point!  This one has a lot to discuss, especially as mothers.

My favorite quotes:

“I would argue that there is a special empathy elephants have for mothers and children – either their own species’s or another’s.  That relationship seems to hold a precious significance and a bittersweet knowledge:  An elephant seems to understand that if you lose a baby, you suffer.”

“There’s no biological advantage to grief.  In fact, in the wild, it can be downright dangerous to be moping around or swearing off food.”

“It is a fact universally acknowledge, there is not greater force on earth than a mother’s revenge.”  I love Serenity’s call back to Pride and Prejudice here.

Overall, Leaving Time is a very engaging novel, with a unique storyline and great characters.  I really like the story of grief, of mothers and daughters, and how much I learned about elephants.  I also like learning more about psychics as well.  I highly recommend this book . . . although bring a box of Kleenex when you are reading it!

Book Source:  The Kewaunee Public Library

Winner of the The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton

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Star Trek Prey: Hell’s Heart (Book 1) by John Jackson Miller

Title: Star Trek Prey:  Hell’s Heart (Book 1)
Author: John Jackson Miller
Read by: Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Length: Approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes
Source: Simon & Schuster Audio Digital Review Copy – Thank-you!
A sci-fi adventure that includes a tale of vengeance one-hundred years in the making, Star Trek Prey:  Hell’s Heart is an epic original tale that includes many favorite Star Trek characters.

Klingon Commander Kruge’s death after his battle with Captain James T. Kirk on the Genesis planet started a power struggle amongst his many heirs in the Klingon Empire.  The heirs of his family fought against his loyal commanders who were overcome in battle.  Korgh, his young almost adopted heir and military colleague, saw his chance for power ripped away when he is unable to gain access to the Phantom Wing, a squadron of very advanced Birds of Prey with the power to fire while clocked that he had worked on himself.

One hundred years later, the USS Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard is escorting the heirs of Kruge to a celebration of their final battle.  Along the way, First Officer Worf discovers that the “battle” may not have been all that it seems to be 100-years ago.  The celebration finds itself a battle field with Worf kidnapped as a result.  Who is behind the kidnapping and slaughter?  Will Worf be able to return to the Enterprise?

Robert Petkoff is a top notch narrator for this audiobook.  His voices were perfect for the characters – he really sounded like Worf!  He also did a good British accent for Captain Picard.  This was a great story to listen to via audiobook.  As a lifelong fan of Star Trek, I thought this story was a riveting addition to the Star Trek cannon.  I also realized my mind added in music and sound effects – is that weird? 

The story was very engaging as Miller captured the characters perfectly while also having a lot of great action and elements of surprise.  This makes for a perfect audiobook to keep one entertained on your daily commute.  I was crushed when it ended as I wanted to know more!  Luckily, I am listening to Book #2 now.

Overall Star Trek Prey:  Hell’s Heart (Book 1) is an enthralling adventure story that perfectly captures the Star Trek world and characters.  Petkoff is a fantastic narrator that is a great character voice actor.  I highly recommend this audiobook!