Monday, February 2, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - The Rising

All I can say is - Wow. "The Rising" showed once again why Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV today. (For more on why I love Battlestar and think it is the best show on TV, see this previous blog entry) This episode was a heart pounding mutiny on board Galactica. For the first few episodes of this season, we have seen how the discovery of a destroyed Earth with Cylons amongst the dead has demoralized the remaining humans. Having Cylons as friends at arms has proven too much for some.

I used to like Gaeta, but since his leg injury and amputation, he has been a bitter, bitter man. Using his position on deck, he is able to play the entire commanding crew to the ends he wants and take over the ship and get Tom Zarek off and back to Colonial One. It was riveting to watch it all go down.

But I have to say my favorite moment was when Adama and Tigh take out the guys marching them to the brig. You can't keep an old dog down. These guys were in charge for a reason. I also liked that Starbuck was back. Rescuing Lee and taking charge - in true Starbuck style. I also liked the raised eyebrows Tigh had upon discovering Laura Roslin in her robe in Adama's quarters. I was sad when Laura and Bill had their final parting. It almost seemed like we might never see them together again. The final few minutes with Adama and Tigh together with their last stand was awesome. The "too be continued" . . . heartbreaking! I can't wait until next week!!! What were your thoughts on this episode? Did anything think it was as fantastic as myself?

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  1. I have to agree with you on both Lost and Battlestar. My God(s), there is no better TV on right now, or almost ever. Just two greats hitting on every damn cylinder. Starbuck begging them to follow her, Locke "meeting" Widmore....INSANE! Okay, I'll calm down now.