Sunday, February 8, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - Seize the Day

The fantastic episodes of Battlestar Galactica just keep on coming. If I had to describe this week's episode in just a few words, I would say "shades of grey." One of the great things about Battlestar are that there are no cardboard characters, and there is no right or wrong in the world. Gaeta was doing a terrible thing by starting a mutiny, and I certainly didn't want him to win . . . but I could also see his point. The Cylons had destroyed the 12 colonies and had been pursuing them across the galaxy. Now the admiral was asking them to trust a faction of them and allow the cylons on their ships. It would be a tough pill to swallow.

It was interesting to see the conflict across the fleet as "Hotdog" refused to shot down President Roslin's raptor and Aaron decided not to kill Tyrol. I really thought the Chief had hit the end. Divided loyalties, uneasy decisions, what is the correct course to take, it was an action packed episode with many interesting topics of discussion.

My favorite part of the episode though had to be Roslin's speech and that she would fight them with everything she had "down to her eyeteeth." Ben laughed out loud at that. I also loved the "I am coming for you!" It gave me chills. Don't mess with Roslin.

What do you think about the giant crack in Galactica? Think her days are numbered? What will Ellen's return mean? I never liked Ellen that much and am still kind of disappointed she is the final cylon. That said, I'm still very interested to see where this story line will take us!

Do you think it's the right decision to work with the renegade cylons? I think so . . .or maybe I hope so. I can see the mutineers point . . .but also can see how the cylons are not all bad. Shades of grey . . .


  1. there is a theory out here in the interweb that the "angel and dying leader that will bring the people home" that the hybrid referred to is galactica. the giant crack could be a stress crack in the ship and it might only have two or three jumps left before it collapses.

  2. That is an interesting theory. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. On one hand - I can't wait to see how it ends, but on the other hand - I never want it to end!