Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High Noon by Nora Roberts

I really enjoyed this novel and dare I say, I think it was the best Nora Roberts book that I've ever read. I still have a long ways to go though to be the ultimate fan like my friend Jenn who has read every single novel. I am a mere dabbler in Ms. Robert's books by comparison.

Phoebe McNamara is a hostage negotiator that meets Duncan Smith while talking down a suicidal man from a roof. Phoebe is a single mother that lives with her family and finds it hard to trust and love again. But Duncan wears her down and she finds love for the first time in her life. Meanwhile a mysterious man who whistles "high noon" has begun to stalk Phoebe and danger keeps getting closer with each turn of the page. It was a nail-bitter until the end.

This book was an excellent suspense. Nora Roberts had excellent character development and also excellent supporting characters. I wanted to live in Phoebe and Duncan's world .. . minus the pschyopathic stalker. The Savannah setting is also great. I love how Roberts sets her novels in such distinct settings . . . I hope that someday she'll set one in the beauty of Door County Wisconsin, or maybe the upper peninsula of Michigan:-)

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