Saturday, April 4, 2009

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

I was long overdue on reading my first graphic novel, so upon the recommendation of a couple of friends who know these things, I finally picked up Watchmen and read it. I found that it was an excellent read and I really liked the graphic novel format. The graphics really add an element to it that words cannot totally express.

Watchmen is the story of superheroes, or really costumed vigilantes, that are investigating the murder of one of their own in an alternate 1985. In this 1985, Richard Nixon is still president and the only thing that keeps the USA from war with the Soviet Union is the existence of Dr. Manhattan, the only true superhero. Each chapter shows how each character was formed. Each hero has a flaw or quirk of their own and they move closer to a resolution of the mystery. I don't want to say more and ruin it for anyone else, but the ending was very cool and thought provoking. I love "who will watch the watchmen?" It was the kind of book that kept me thinking for days afterwards. Who will watch the watchmen indeed.

I also really liked the comic within the story, "The Black Freighter." While I figured out how that would end, it took me awhile to see the parallels between the stories. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to read a graphic novel for the first time, or anyone who is looking for a great read. I am really looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out on DVD.

Now that I have read the Watchmen, does anyone else have other graphic novel suggestions? I heard Outlander and Pride and Prejudice will soon be in graphic novel format. I'll have to check them out!


  1. 1/ the sandman by neil gaiman (a 10 volume series)
    2/ transmetropolitan by warren ellis (a 10 volume series)
    3/ v for vendetta by alan moore
    4/ from hell by alan moore

    that should be enough to get you started.

  2. One of my favorite graphic novels is Persepolis. It's autobiographical and very good.

    I am glad you enjoyed Watchmen. I did too. :-)