Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carly by Lyn Cote

Carly is the fourth and final novel of the Women of Ivy Manor Saga. Carly is the 17-year old daughter of Leigh. She immediately has problems with her mother when she enlists in the army directly out of high school against the wishes of her family. There is great detail on boot camp, Carly’s assignment as a mechanic stateside, and then involvement in the first Gulf War. I was riveted.

This is a great novel that also rounds up characters from the first three novels and gives them resolution and finalization on their storylines. In fact, the resolutions of the character storylines are quite powerful. Family secrets can tear a family apart, it was wonderful to see the characters sit down and confront each other on past hurts and sorrows.

I’ll admit I worried about Bowie after the fate of the first loves of the past three books. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens. I loved his Southern gentleman charm. I envisioned him like J.T. on the most recent Survivor.

The changes in these women’s lives through time were very interesting. My family timeline was slightly behind this, but I did have a Great-Grandma who was a model in 1920’s Detroit similar to Chloe as a model in 1917 NYC.

Although this book was a great series finale, I found myself wondering what happened to Carly. She is still so young at the end of the book; I want “the rest of the story!” I also would love to read prequels about Lily and the past 300-years of Ivy Manor women.

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  1. Laura,
    I'm so happy you enjoyed Carly's life and the resolution to all the family secrets. I also wanted to continue the series, but in this business an author can become orphaned. That means the editor I wrote this series for left and the new editor didn't want to continue the series.
    Do you recall the young dr in Germany? I had intended for him to follow Carly home and pursue her. That however never came to be.
    I've three more historical series you might enjoy: Blessed Assurance, Gabriel Sisters and Texas Star of Destiny. I hope you'll give them a try!