Friday, July 24, 2009

Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge

J.Kaye has come up with a great new reading challenge - The Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge. I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books. They are hilarious and have been known to cause me to frequently burst into laughter. I have read the first eleven (and the Christmas one), but it has now been a year since I last read one. Mostly it was because I was afraid to get to the end and have no other new Stephanie Plum books left to read! I'm going to bite bullet and join this challenge. I especially love that I don't need to finish this challenge until December 31, 2010. Since I'm currently obsessed with Everything Austen, this will give me plenty of time to finish this challenge.

The books I have left to read to catch myself up in the series are as follows:

1. Twelve Sharp (2006)

2. Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)

3. Fearless Fourteen (2008)

4. Finger Lickin' Fifteen (2009)

5. Plum Lovin' (2007)

6. Plum Lucky (2008)

7. Plum Spooky (2009)

Thanks J. Kaye for the great challenge!

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  1. AWESOME! So glad you decided to join!