Friday, May 28, 2010

Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey

I enjoy Johanna Lindsey romance novels, especially when I want a quick read when I'm sick. My only problem is that I have not read the entire Malory series. Therefore, I do not know all of the characters and do not get a “full story” few of any of the few novels that I have picked up in the series . . . which is slightly annoying.

Captive of My Desires is the story of a young English girl, Gabrielle Brooks, that sets off for the Caribbean after her mother passes away to search for her merchant father. Her boat is overtaken by pirates and much adventure ensues. She luckily soon finds her father and is surprised to learn much more about him. She is sent back to England to find a proper husband, and finds herself attracted by an American rogue, Drew Anderson. Much adventure ensues.

I enjoyed this novel, but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I would have read the previous Malory novels. Captive of My Desires was a quick, easy read.

Book Source: Borrowed from my best friend Jenn

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