Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Uncertain Dream by Judith Miller

An Uncertain Dream is the third in the Postcards from Pullman series. My MIL gave me the first two in the series a couple of years ago for my birthday, but not unfortunately the last book. I finally purchased the third book last fall and read it this April when I wasn’t feeling so good from morning sickness.

The Postcards from Pullman series is a Christian historical fiction series set in Pullman, Illinois in the 19th century. Olivia Mott is a young chef at the Hotel Florence in Pullman. Life in Pullman has become stressful as the workers strike and George Pullman refuses to meet their demands. With her boyfriend Fred at the front of the striking workers, Olivia finds herself in a hard situation with her job.

Lady Charlotte Spencer is faced with tragedy in England. She travels back to Chicago with her young son and her new purpose in life. She also discovers that love can come at unexpected times.

Overall, it was a good book and a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. I really enjoyed learning the history of the Pullman Company over the course of the three books.

Book Source: Purchased from last fall.

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