Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bookends by Jane Green

I enjoy Jane Green’s brand of British Chick Lit. I’ve read previous Green books in the past, and picked up Bookends while I was laid up with super bad morning sickness last April.

Bookends is a story of friendship. Catherine Warner has great friends in Simon and the happily married Josh and Lucy. While Simon and Cath are both on the lookout for the perfect man, Josh and Lucy seem to have the perfect marriage until a long lost college friend, the beautiful Portia arrives back in their lives. Soon Cath suspects Josh may be having an affair with Portia. Cath has a new love interest in her life at the same time, James. Will the friends be able to all reconnect and find love in the process?

I enjoyed this book and the complicated web of friendship and love. And of course any book that mentions the Tartas is a good book to me!!

Book Source: I bought this at my hometown Dime Store in Michigan before it went out of business.

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