Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Moon and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I read New Moon and Eclipse for the second time while I was sick back in April and May to gear myself up for the Eclipse movie. I enjoyed reading them again and noticing details I had either forgotten or not noticed on my first round of readings. Truthfully though, even though it was good to read them again, I didn’t get the thrill I got out of them when I read them for the first time and they were a new story to discover. In other words, it was enjoyable, but not the same as a book like Pride and Prejudice or Outlander that I can read over and over and over . . . Do you have certain books that you can read over again and always love and others that are okay the second time around, but not as good as the first time?
For more information on the novels, read my original review here.
Book Source: I purchased these books from at some point last year.

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