Monday, October 7, 2013

Kids’ Summer Reads

 I know its October, but I’m finally posting about our favorite kid reads from the summer. We read a lot in my family.  Each kid gets at least one book a night (one or two depending on how the night is going, sometimes more if you are Penelope and look cute).  We read to my five-year old son and two-year old daughter, but we “flip-flop” with my seven-year old son.  He reads two pages and then we read the next two pages and so forth.  These favorite books are actually favorites for the boys, particularly Kile (my seven year old) from the summer.  I need to make a post soon with Penelope’s favorite reads!

Who Cloned the President?  By Ron Roy
Kile and I flip-flopped read this book together, but both boys enjoyed it.  I learned of this series from one of my friends on Facebook when I asked for everyone’s favorite kid series.  It sounded like something my boys would like so we checked it out.

KC Corcoran notices something is odd with the President on TV.  He uses the wrong hand to sign papers and is not acting right.  She realizes he must have been replaced by a clone.  She ropes her friend Marshall into sneaking into the White House to solve the mystery.

The boys loved the inventive use of spiders and how the kids saved the day.  They also enjoyed how the kids were rewarded at the end.  I think they would definitely enjoy reading more of this series.

Michigan Chillers #1:  Mayhem on Mackinac Island by Jonathan Rand

Mayhem on Mackinac Island was a bit above Kile’s reading level (he just started second grade), but he will probably be reading these books soon.  I have never seen a book capture both Kile and my five year old son Daniel’s imagination so completely.  What was even more amazing was that this book had no pictures but it was so enthralling that at the end of each capture the kids would say, “Mommy keep reading.”  They loved it.

The book is told through the point of view of a young girl named Sandy.  Every year she vacations on Mackinac Island with her family including her brother Tim. They are riding their bikes around the island when they follow a mysterious stranger into a tree.  The tree swallows them and they find themselves on the Isle of Mayhem. They have to find the mysterious stone key in order to return back home.  They meet various amazing creatures along the way and also are each given a stone that gives them a secret power.  They work together with their new friends and against their enemies (Wartwings) to solve the mystery.

We’ve started reading book two in this series and it is just as engaging to my boys. Thanks to my college friend Liz for recommending this series!

Scooby-Doo!  Mystery #32:  The Haunting of Pirate Cove by Kate Howard

My eldest son Kile LOVES Scooby Doo.  His siblings enjoy Scooby as well, but not to the level that Kile does. He loves to read the Scooby Doo Readers and watch the cartoons, old and new.  He picked this book out from the Scholastic Book order before school ended and we read it over the summer.  It doesn’t have many pictures, and appeared to be above Kile’s reading level.  He was so enthused about the subject matter though that he dove in and read the book with me over the summer.  Pirates are another favorite of Kile’s so combining Scooby Doo and pirates was a winner in his eyes.  

In the Haunting of Pirate Cove, the Mystery Inc. gang are on a pirate cruse.  When Daphne is kidnapped, the rest of the gang has to figure out to crack the mystery of an evil ghost pirate.  Kile enjoyed this book and I think he’s ready to read some more Scooby Doo Mysteries.

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