Monday, February 16, 2015

Mr. Darcy’s Challenge by Monica Fairview

Monica Fairview is one of my favorite Austen authors.  She is able to write Austen novels so well; it seems as if we have gained a few new novels by Jane Austen.  Mr. Darcy’s Challenge is book two of Fairview’s The Darcy Books which are Pride and Prejudice Variations.  It is a great continuation of the first book in the series, Mr. Darcy’s Pledge, but I believe that you can read this book as its own stand-alone novel.

Mr. Darcy cannot stop thinking about Elizabeth Bennet.  With Elizabeth’s sister Lydia on the run with Wickham, he realizes that he needs to help the Bennet family out even if Elizabeth has rejected him.  With a journey to Longbourn, Brighton, and various parts of London, things do not go according to plan.  Especially when Mr. Darcy finds himself in a compromising position with a woman who is not Miss Elizabeth Bennet.  Will Darcy be able to find true love and happiness and will it be with Elizabeth Bennet?

I loved Darcy’s journey in this novel.  I especially loved how it really told Darcy’s story and his inner turmoil.  I also really enjoyed the slight twists to the original story that has our cast of characters go on a completely different journey.  I don’t want to say anymore and ruin the journey for someone else.

Overall, if you have always wondered about Darcy’s journey, this is the novel for you.  Or if you are looking for a sweet regency romance, this is also the story for you.  This novel has wonderful characters.  Austen’s original characters are true to their nature and there are a few new characters that are interesting as well.  This novel is a wonderful journey and a great variation of Pride and Prejudice.

Book Source:  Review Copy from Monica Fairview – Thanks!


  1. This variation sounds absolutely wonderful, because of the characters. I will keep this book in mind. Lovely review, Laura!

  2. Thank-you! Monica Fairview does a wonderful job with keeping Austen's characters in character and creating great new ones!