Monday, February 23, 2015

The Unexpected Consequences of Love by Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell is one of my favorite contemporary authors.  She writes wonderful well developed stories that involve an entire cast of well rounded, realistic characters. Love may not be running smoothly for them, but by the end of the novel, hopefully things are back in order again.

Sophie Wells is a photographer in the beachside town of St. Cary’s in Cornwall.  Her first turn at love had a tragic ending and she is not interested in involving herself in another relationship.  Josh Strachan has had a very successful few years at a manager of the top new American band.  He has decided to leave the limelight and help his Grandmother run the family hotel.  He meets Sophie and can’t understand why she keeps rejecting him.  Sophie’s friend Tula moves to St. Cary’s, gets a job at the hotel and has an unrequited love for Josh.  Josh’s friend, beach bum Riley, has his own unrequited love for Tula.  Josh’s Grandmother, Dot had a horrible end to her loving marriage to her own true love Lawrence.  When she has a second chance at love, she has to decide whether to take that chance.

Love is complicated, but all of these storylines are worked out to really flesh out the characters and to give a very satisfying conclusion.  I found myself also really wanting to visit St. Cary’s.  It sounds like a lovely town.  I love Jill Mansell’s characters and settings.  She is a wonderful writer.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable book with great characters and a great plot.  I highly recommend it!

Book Source:  Review Copy from Sourcebooks – Thanks!


  1. I love Jill Mansell, I am always looking for the next one to come out. I've entered a couple giveaways for this one.

  2. I really should try one of her books. Everyone rants and raves about this author.

  3. Laura, I hope to read this, or another book by Jill Mansell. Lovely review as usual!