Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer by Lisa Pliscou

Lisa Pliscou has written a delightful short novel about the early childhood years of Jane Austen.  The first half of the book gives the story of Jane’s early life in short vignettes coupled with great illustrations and laid out on beautiful pages.  The second half of the book repeats the first half, but this time with in-depth annotations on where the information came from to base the story.  Also included in the end was a brief biography of Jane Austen and what she went on to accomplish after her childhood.

I always love to read about Jane Austen and thought this was a good biography of her childhood.  Even though not much is known about the early years of Jane Austen, Pliscou is able to put together a compelling story of a young girl born to a bookish family that discovers she has the power to become the writer of her family. The nerdy Austen lover in me though loved the second half of the book with the greater detail on what information there is about Austen’s childhood.  I thought this would be a good book also for young adult readers that are just starting to discover Austen.

Overall, Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer is a beautiful little book that will delight both old and new fans of Austen alike. 

Book Source:  Review Copy from author Lisa Pliscou – Thanks!


  1. Laura, this sounds like a wonderful, historical novella. Thanks for a lovely review.

  2. Thanks Suko - it was a good novella.