Friday, January 29, 2016

Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure by Greg Rucka

My son Kile loves everything Star Wars.  His review of this book is that it was “good.”  I sadly couldn’t get him to elaborate.  He is a boy of few words, although he let me know that the book we started last night was not enthusing him by staring at his stop watch the entire time (he has to read for at least twenty minutes each night for school.  When it’s a Star Wars book he keeps reading until he’s too tired, which is usually well over that time limit) and then asking as we finished, “can we read my Star Wars book from the library?”

Smuggler’s Run is framed by an old Han Solo telling a story in a bar at the beginning and end of the book.  The story is of an adventure that Han Solo and Chewbacca had after A New Hope.  Princess Leia convinces Han and Chewbacca to rescue Major Ematt, an important rebel that is the only survivor of an elite recon crew that has all of the future rebel base locations.  Han and Chewbacca are off on their adventure with help from Delia Leighton, the captain of the Miss Fortune, a flying cantina.  They also have to fend off the empire and Commander Alecia Beck, who is determined to destroy anyone involved with the rebellion after the destruction of the death star.

Smuggler’s Run was a fun adventure.  Han and Chewbacca’s dialogue was perfect, witty and fun, just like in the movies.  Kile and I laughed often throughout the book.  We also both liked the illustrations.

Overall, Smuggler’s Run was a fun read for both my almost ten year old son and myself.  I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Star Wars.

Book Source:  Kile received this book for Christmas from Aunt Jenn and loved it!  Thank-you!

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  1. Laura, I'm glad that you and Kile enjoyed this book!