Friday, September 22, 2017

Outlander Season 2

My husband Ben and I slowly have made our way through Season 2 luckily finishing it this summer so we are ready to go for Season 3 . . . although we haven’t started watching it yet!  This is life with kids and limited time for adult programing without the kids.
I’ve thought about it since finishing the season and there were points that I liked and didn’t like about Season 2.

First of all, it’s Outlander and I’ve been a fan for over twenty years.  It’s wonderful to see my favorite books on the screen.  I loved, loved, loved the costumes and sets this year.  They were stunning, especially in the French court.  The cast is wonderful in Outlander, in particular stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, but all of the actors are superb.  Some episodes were particularly well done, such as “Faith” and its dealing with the loss of a child.

There were also things I didn’t like about Season 2. I didn’t like the set-up of the season.  Dragonfly in Amber is one of my favorite books of the series.  Part of why I loved it is I liked how it was a mystery – is Jamie alive?  I loved the flash back to the past in the book.  The series didn’t get to the sixties until the very last episode.  Part of the loss of suspense could be that you know at this point that both the book series and TV series go on, would they really kill off Jamie?  At the time I read Dragonfly in Amber it actually was a possibility as the third book had not been published yet.  Although rereading the book later on, I still felt that same suspense even though I knew what would happen. I also felt that if I were solely a show watcher, I would have been let down by the entire lead up to the Battle of Culloden only to have the battle NOT HAPPEN.  I know it doesn’t happen in the book, but to have previews and the entire season talk about the battle and not have it happen is a giant let down.  I almost feel that part of book 3 and the battle should have been showcased.

I thought Jamie and Claire’s separation was a bit rushed too – compared to the book – but I still loved it and want them back together.  I also didn’t like how the show changed the scenes with Dougal and the Old Fox.  They were powerful scenes in the book that got lost on the show.

Overall, I enjoyed Season 2, but I felt it was missing the storytelling and passion of Season 1.  I hear the passion will be back for Season 3 and I am greatly looking forward to it.

How did you feel about Season 2?  What are you most looking forward to in Season 3?


  1. My husband and I rewatched Season 2, getting ready for Season 3. I loved the clothes and the settings and thought most of it very well done. I adored Master Raymond, and I thought the scenes with the Comte were really were done. I also thought the portrayal of Sandringham was spot on. I thought the latter part a bit rushed--agree about Dougal and the Old Fox, but there was a lot to cover, and they had to do justice to Alex and Mary and Jonathan storyline.

    Hope you're enjoying Season 3--I wish Starz would put everything out there at once. I liked watching an episode a night instead of once a week!

    1. Your are right - I really did love the Master Raymond and Comte scenes. I am enjoying Season 3 so far - although we are behind like usual :-) It is nice to see Outlander play out as a series after wanting it to happen for so many years.

  2. Laura, I haven't seen any seasons of this show, but I think I'd enjoy it as I am an Outlander (book) fan. The costumes look fabulous! I hope you will be able to enjoy Season 3 soon.

    1. The costumes are fabulous. I think you'd enjoy the show!