Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin

I’ve gotten a bit behind on the blog with the holidays, ending one job, and starting another.  I read a few really wonderful Christmas books the week before Christmas and I want to make sure I share about them before it is too late.  I enjoyed them and think they would be great every day reads or great Christmas reads for next year.

I loved the novel Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin.   It has everything I enjoy is a modern woman’s story, a woman whose life has experienced a setback that needs to start over.  She learns to have a new life, meets new friends, starts a new romantic relationship, and tasty food is involved in her future career.  Pupcakes also added a dog to this good book recipe.

Byrdie Benson has recently gotten divorced from her baker husband when she caught him “baking” with an employee.  They sold the bakery they owned together and Byrdie has moved to Memphis with her best friend, Elliot and her family.  Elliot hooks her up with a new gig, housesitting for an elderly lady’s townhouse and dog, while she is in a retirement community.  Pauline may be gone, but she is not forgotten as Byrdie must visit her once a week with Pauline’s pug Teddy Roosevelt.  Byrdie also gets a 3rd shift job at the bakery inside of ShopCo.  She also meets handsome doctor Nathan Reid at the dog park while on a walk with Teddy.  Can these two make it work in a new relationship?  Why is Pauline’s basement locked?  What secrets does she not want Byrdie to find?  Will Byrdie be able to get her career back on track?

Favorite Quotes: 

“The dog came with the house.  Or maybe the house came with the dog.  Either way, no matter how the sentence was constructed, the house and the dog came together. “

“’You’ll love him,’ her mother went on, ignoring her.  ‘He’s good looking, owns his own home, and has all of his own teeth and hair.  What more could you ask for?’”

Overall, Pupcakes was a great delight.  I thought the characters were riveting and very well developed.  I wanted to sit at Thanksgiving dinner with all of them.  I loved Byrdie's character growth throughout the novel.  I always think a good book is able to showcase characters that we relate to and emphasize with through the high and lows of life.  Pupcakes does this perfectly.  I highly recommend it!

Book Source:  Review Copy from William Morrow Books. Thank-you!


  1. The cover alone can draw one in!

  2. Laura,
    This sounds like a wonderful book. The cover is adorable. Happy New Year, and best of luck in the new job!

  3. Thank-you both. It is a wonderful cover that really draws you in!