Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Iron Man

I watched Iron Man the weekend of the 18th and enjoyed it. I think I'm getting old and jaded though - I thought ti was a good movie, but not excellent. It was interesting seeing the superhero tale set in the present day world full of terrorist intrigue.

The movie was the story of Tony Stark and his transformation from a playboy inventor and head of a weapons manufacturer to the Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. did an excellent and believable job as Tony. The capture by terrorists was horrible. I liked how he used his intellegence to make his escape. I also liked how he used his inventiveness to become his own superhero. I loved the growth of his character throughout the movie and I loved his love interest - Pepper Potts. Pepper is always there for him, but he doesn't realize her true excellence at first.

I guess the few reasons I had for not thinking of the movie as excellent were that I figured out who the "surprise" bad guy was going to be at the very beginning of the movie when it was telling Tony's back story. It was too easy to figure out. Also I felt disconnected to the character whenever he was in the suit.

Otherwise this movie was great and I would recommend it.

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