Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fancy Pants by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I read Fancy Pants a couple of weeks ago for my Lakeshore Mom's Club bookclub pick for October. This book was okay, but mainly had the problem of being stuck in the 1980's and not having a very likeable hero.

Francesca is a spoiled English heiress down on her luck. She has led a life of leasure, but after her mother's death, she finds out there is no money left. She tries to make money, but ends up stranded in America. Dallas, or Dally, a second rate handsome golf player finds her and helps her out . . . sort of. Sparks fly between the two, but they can't seem to keep it together.

I liked Francesca's story. I didn't like her at first as she seemed a lot like a Paris Hilton. After she loses it all though and has to work her way back up to the top, I really liked and admired her. Dallas on the other hand, I never liked. He used violance against women when it suited him and seemed to think he should be able to coast through life on his good looks. He does a variety of bad things in the book (like not telling Francesca that his is married), but we are supposed to feel sorry for him. I never did. If he would have been a more likeable hero, this would have been a much better book.


  1. I read this book in one night--I couldn't put it down. I always look forward to any book by SEP and I was not disappointed with this one. I laughed, cried and cheered for Meg and Ted, and I was glad to see that SEP is working on a novel where Lucy finds happiness.

    There are several characters from some of her earlier novels and it was interesting to see how their stories intertwined. Thank you SEP for this wonderful novel!

    1. Meg? Ted? I think you are talking about a different book. Ted is a child in Fancy Pants, and Meg nowhere in sight.