Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sex and the City - The Movie

I often lament that I didn't get anything done during maternity leave that I wanted to get done, but one thing I did get done was to watch all six seasons of Sex and the City on TBS (only while Kile was napping and Danny was nursing). I found the show to be wildly entertaining. It had fantastic writing and original storylines. It made me want to live in NYC!

I've anxiously been waiting for the movie to come out on DVD at the library and was very excited to receive it the week it came out. I watched it that weekend and thought it was great. The movie started with a brief recap of what had happened in the lives of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha during the series. It is now three years later and Big and Carrie are dating, Miranda and Steve are still in the Bronx, Charlotte and Harry have adopted a little girl, and Samantha has moved to LA with Smith.

Now for some plot spoilers. Carrie and Big get engaged, but Big experiences cold feet at the altar. I liked this storyline - it seemed like something that would happen to the characters. Steve cheats on Miranda after an extended period of no sex. I thought this was not something that Steve would do and was diappointed in him. I liked watching him and Miranda work it out. Charlotte finds out she is expecting a baby and laments about having a perfect life. I thought her storyline was too sparce. Samantha fights the urge to want other men, but eventually breaks up with Smith. I was disappointed. While it made sense for the character -- I love Smith!!! He is good looking and loves Samantha so much.

I must admit I am an old prude. I always saw the TBS versions of the show so I was quite shocked by all of the sex in the movie. Not that it was bad - it just was different as I wasn't actually used to seeing it when I watch the show!!

I really liked this movie and hope that they make another quality movie about these ladies! It's about time to see a major motion picture with women in their 40's in the leads.

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