Monday, November 10, 2008

Cotillion by Georgette Heyer

I love Georgette Heyer novels and am glad I've discovered her in last couple of years. Her regency novels are romantic novels that play a lot more like Jane Austen than the modern regency romance novels that focus more on the "physical" parts of the relationship.

Cotillion is one of my favorite Heyer novels so far. The novel surprised me by taking the story line in a different direction than I supposed. By the end, I realized that Heyer had subtly changed my mind about the characters and had brought about the conclusion that I may not have expected, but by that point really wanted. This novel also had wonderfully developed characters and great secondary characters and romances.

Eccentric great-uncle Matthew summons his great-nephews to his estate to tell them he will live his adopted great-niece Kitty all of his money as long as she marries one of the great-nephews. Unfortunately, the nephew that Kitty has a crush on, Jack, refuses to show up. Kitty enlists the help of another great-nephew Freddy Standon to pretend to be engaged so that she can visit his family in London and hopefully make Jack jealous.

I really enjoyed this novel highly recommend it for those fond of regency novels or light, intellegent romantic novels.

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