Monday, November 10, 2008

Made of Honor

Made of Honor was a cute romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey. I'm feeling my age though. The opening sequence showed when the two characters met in college in 1998 with Clinton and Monica jokes and outfits at Halloween. That would be when I was in college, but I don't remember Clinton and Monica dress up at Michigan Tech! :-) As a side note - not to be picky, but Patrick Dempsey is a good 12 years older than me. He would have been the oldest senior in college around in 1998. Sorry - just had to put that out there!

Patrick Dempsey stars as Tom, a rich playboy. He meets Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) in 1998 at college. Hannah is a girl that tells him the way it is and doesn't want to sleep with him - so they become friends. Ten years later, Hannah travels to Scotland to restore artwork. While she is gone, Tom discovers that he misses her more than he realizes and loves her. When Hannah returns, Tom discovers that Hannah has met and become engaged to Colin. Coin is the "perfect" man. Not only is he Scottish, but he is very wealthy, a Duke, great at everything he does, and greatly "endowed" we found out in a gym scene. Tom feels overwhelmed, but agrees to be Hannah's "maid" of honor in order to stay close to her and steal her back for himself. Much hilarity ensues at the wedding in Scotland.

I enjoyed this cute movie. I didn't love it, but did think it was good.

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