Monday, November 17, 2008

New Star Trek Movie Trailer

I just saw this post on with a clip of the new Star Trek trailer that was out this weekend before Quantam of Solace. My first reaction was that I wasn't to excited by the youthful Kirk car driving next to a cliff (thought I was watching the wrong trailer), but I thought the rest of the trailer looked really exciting and action packed. I am REALLY looking forward to this movie, although with slight misgivings after the EW article where J.J. Abrahms talks about not being consistent with the franchise and traying to make it more like Star Wars. Luckily it comes out in May. I am too much of a Star Trek fan to not be excited by a new movie, especially since I love J.J. Abrahms and Lost. I've seen every Star Trek movie since I was a kid watching Star Trek IV in the theatre with my Dad and Mom. Danny will be over a year old at that point so it will be easier to leave him with a sitter so that Ben and I can go on a date to see it. I'm already making plans . . . !! I'm just sad I won't be in Michigan to make my three generational trip to the movie theatre. Usually my Grandma, Dad, best-friend Jenn, and myself make the journey to the latest Star Trek movie together.

On another note, I also saw this website with a trailer for Watchmen. Wow - this looks like a good movie. I know nothing about it though. I am still a graphic novel virgin. Is this something that should be a must read for me?

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  1. you absolutely, without a single solitary doubt, MUST read "watchmen" at your earliest convenience.

    upon finishing "watchmen", you can go onto read any number of graphic novels.

    but first, read "watchmen".

    i'm conflicted on the "star trek" trailer...there's a whole lot that i like about it, but the corvette-driving child kirk kind of rubbed me the wrong way...however, given that it's abrams and his lost team, i am more than willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.