Monday, December 28, 2009

Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs

Knit the Season is the third novel in the Friday Night Knitting Club series by Kate Jacobs. I first read the Friday Night Knitting Club this past spring for my book club. I quickly read Knit 2 to find out what would happen next. I was very excited to read on Suko’s Notebook that there was a new third novel in the series and it was a Christmas book. I love Christmas books!

Knit the Season picks up right after Knit 2 ends. Dakota Walker is becoming quite the young woman and is trying to determine what direction her life should take. Should she spend this Christmas with her family or take a wonderful intern opportunity at a great restaurant? Peri, Darwin, Lucie, KC, Catherine, and Dakota all help Anita plan her third wedding to her beloved Marty. Anita’s putz of a son, Nathan, has managed to thwart the previous attempts at a wedding. James tries to put away the memory of Georgia and move on with his life, while Catherine must decides whether to risk it all for love with Marco. The novel runs from Thanksgiving until New Year’s, therefore it is the perfect holiday novel!

I loved this novel as I love all of the characters and really enjoyed learning more about them. My only hope is that there will be more future novels. I wish that the novel would have been longer as characters such as Darwin, Lucie, and KC were very much relegated to the background. Also I like how the characters reflected on favorite past memories of Georgia, but I hope that future novels will move on from Georgia.

I’m not sure I would recommend this novel to someone who has not read the previous two books. I don’t think you would get the same amount out of the book if you didn’t have their background from the previous novels.

Overall, this was a great addition to the Friday Night Knitting Club series. This is my fifth and final book in the Christmas Reading Challenge.

Book Source: The Kewaunee Public Library

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  1. Excellent review! Laura, I'm so glad you enjoyed this book. While I didn't join the Christmas Reading Challenge, reading Knit the Season was a wonderful way for me to usher in the season.