Sunday, December 27, 2009

Once Upon a Christmas by Diane Farr

I love Christmas Regency Romances. They are my favorite Christmas books that I turn to year after year. I love the Regency setting, and the nice romance stories set during the Christmas Season. Ana from Aneca’s World had a list of suggestions on her blog and I chose Once Upon a Christmas by Diane Farr.

After suffering the devastating loss of her family, Celia Delacourt finds herself suddenly swept away to the Delacourt estate by her distant relation the Duchess of Arnsford. The Duchess would prefer Celia refer to her as Aunt Gladys. The Duchess takes her under her wing determined to train her to be a proper lady. Celia begins to wonder what motivates the Duchess as she has four unmarried daughters of her own.

Jack Delacourt is the only son of the Duchess. He becomes suspicious when his mother summons him home for Christmas. He devises a plan to show up and act insane to scare away whoever his mother has waiting for him as a future bride. His act soon works on Celia, convincing her that he is insane. Jack is unsure whether he wants this as he soon finds himself falling in love with Celia.

Overall it was a great, light, Christmas regency romance. I found it to be very enjoyable. The characters were great. I only wish it would have been a little longer to find out what happened to the Duchess.

This is my fourth novel for the Christmas Reading Challenge.

Book Source: The Kewaunee Public Library

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  1. Great job on my Christmas Reading Challenge! Hope you will join us again next Christmas =O)