Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost – Season Six Opener (LA X)

Wow! LA X was a fantastic episode of Lost and has me very excited about the last season. I’m not going to recap it here . . . but I am going to talk about my favorite bits. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do not read ahead!

I love the two timelines after the blast, so much so that I am not sure which one I would love to be “reality.” Are both concurrent realties or parallel universes? I can’t wait to keep watching and find out.

I love that the people who are on the island are continuing the timeline in 2007 that we have watched these past almost six years. I was excited when they found Juliet only to be devastated when she died in Sawyer’s arms. My only hope that her last words and talk of a coffee with Sawyer means that her and Sawyer do get a coffee together in the other timeline. I also like how Hurley has silently taken charge of the situation in his own Hurley way. Several of his comments made me laugh out loud . . . especially when he told Jacob something like “Dude, that sucks” when Jacob admitted that he had died an hour before. I liked how we finally got to see the temple and what happened to Cindy and the kids, but I’m confused by the strangely dressed other others.

I was excited to finally learn that the Man-in-Black (evil Locke) is also Smokey the monster. My favorite line of the night (or maybe of the series!) was MIB saying to Ben,
"I'm sorry you had to see me like that." Their whole exchange was great. I like how Ben finally realizes that he was used the entire time. I’m intrigued to finally find out more about the mysterious Richard Alpert. What did MIB mean by his comment about it being nice to see Richard not in chains? It made me think that Richard may have come to the island as a slave on the Black Rock.

Overall, I like the island 2007 storyline as it continues with the characters as we know them. They have had their mistakes, but have redeemed themselves in different ways and have grown in personalities.

On the other hand, the alternative 2004 flight to LAX without the crash is also an interesting scenario. It was interesting to watch it and note the differences. Why was Desmond on the flight, but Shannon was missing. Many other characters (Michael, Walt, Anna-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Libby, etc.) were not shown on the flight. Where are they? Jack was no longer so self assured on this flight and needed Rose’s assurance that all would be well. Does Jack retain some sort of memory of what had happened before?

It was great to see favorite characters resurrected such as Locke, Boone, and Charlie. It wasn’t good to see some of them (such as Charlie) without having made their growth from drug addict to hero. I’m very interested to see how this time line works out. Will the characters’ paths cross and connect even without the island? Will they be able to redeem themselves? And most importantly, how will these two timelines resolve and become one?

What are your thoughts on LA X? And more importantly, did the picture above make you laugh as I did? Is it just me or is Kate's hand positioned a little bit funny . . .


  1. this was, hands down, one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    it is important to note that these two time-streams are parallel universes. cuse and lindelof both stated in interviews earlier this week that to call them alternate universes would be a mistake because it suggests that one universe is correct and the other isn't.

    the two time-streams are parallel and happening concurrently.

    the key to understanding this concept is in faraday's dialogue from the season five episode "the variable". he uses a stream as a metaphor for time. if you throw a pebble into the stream, it causes ripples that eventually fade away. however, if you throw a large rock into the stream, it disrupts the stream. it will have one of two effects: either it will shift the stream entirely, or it will split the stream in half.

    unfortunately for the intrepid survivors of oceanic 815, it appears that the latter case occurred.

    also, i think that sayid is actually jacob, resurrected.

  2. I am probably the only adult on the planet who has not seen this show!

    LOL, I agree with you about the picture, Laura.

  3. I like your rock in the stream analogy - that is perfect. I apologize for my poor wording. I had also read the interview with Lindelof and Cuse and know that they are two parallel story lines that will somehow resolve at some point.

    I forgot to say something about Sayid! Ben and I both noted the "Christ-like" pose of Sayid as the men lifted him out of the water. His arms were out in a pose like he had just come off the cross and been crucified. He died and then was resurrected in the end. Jacob is also a Christ-like figure and I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't arranged for Sayid to go to the temple so that he could be resurrected in Sayid's body. My only concern was that the water turning murky meant that MIB was affecting things somehow.

    Another point I forgot to mention is my hatred of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle. The love triangle has been beat to death in previous seasons. I loved Sawyer and Juliet last season and think that together they both had great character growth. I would hate to see Sawyer with anyone else, especially Kate. I am annoyed about this triangle again as is last week's Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof and Cuse stated that the love triangle will be important for this season. NOOOO!!!

  4. I love this show. I don't always understand it, but I love it.