Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost – “What Kate Does”

I was disappointed by last night’s episode of Lost, “What Kate Does.” After a spectacular season opener, I thought yesterday’s episode was rather lackluster. My feelings may spring from the fact that I stopped caring about Kate or anything she does many years ago. I don’t really like her character.

That aside, there were some giant plot holes in yesterday’s episode. My favorite was that Kate hijacks that taxi with Claire inside. She drops Claire off, goes to a mechanic to get her handcuffs off, and then feels guilty about stealing Claire’s luggage when she sees the baby stuff inside (so she didn’t notice she was gigantically pregnant before this point?). She goes back and pick’s Claire up, which was my first annoyance. So Claire just stood there on the side of the street after getting hijacked? She didn’t go for help or move at all? My second annoyance, when Claire then gets into the taxi with Kate. I’m sure if I got hijacked; I would then enter a taxi with said crazy lady hijacker and become her new BFF. This all seemed highly implausible to me. The 2004 universe continued on in this way with Kate going with Claire to the adoption couple’s house and also to the hospital, all in the stolen taxi. On one hand, I like how Kate and Claire’s paths seemed to be fated to be drawn together as they were in the other parallel timeline. I also liked the appearance of Dr. Ethan Goodspeed helping Claire out. This also seemed to be fate. I did not like the very forced Kate and Claire plot. Kate seemed like she was a very in effective runner. Now what Kate does is chase instead of run in both LA and the island.

Back in the parallel world of 2007, the story focused on Kate and Jin tracking a runaway Sawyer and the “Others” torturing Sayid. I liked Sawyer’s painful confession of how he was going to propose to Juliet and blaming himself for Juliet’s death. I didn’t like Kate chasing him. When she cried after his confession, was it because she was sad that Sawyer had never felt that way for her or because of Sawyer’s pain? I was left feeling confused on the emotions of that scene.

The most interesting part of the episode for me was discovering from Temple Master Dogan that Sayid now was possessed by the darkness and would slowly turn. Interesting. And even more so when he told Jack that his sister also had it. Flash to crazy Claire at the end looking like a dead ringer for the crazy French woman. It’s nice to see what happened to Claire and I’m very interested to find out what this dark disease is during future episodes. I was sad to see that Sayid is not the reincarnated Jacob, but that the dark water must have been tainted with the MIB and “darkness” somehow.

I was sad that we did not get to see evil Locke on this episode. I can’t wait until next week!

What were your thoughts on this episode?


  1. I agree less Kate, more Locke.

  2. I to think there are many problems with the new season, but I still can not wait to see where it ends up.

    William Knapp

  3. I agree - it did seem a bit strange that Kate didn't notice she was sitting next to a heavily pregnant woman in the back of that taxi. Okay, perhaps she wasn't looking very closely as she was busy being on the run, but still!

    Glad Sayid didn't stay dead for very long, Naveen Andrews is easily the best-looking guy in the cast. (Aside from Desmond!) Also, I'm really starting to warm up to Sawyer. His character has really gained a whole new dimension after he hooked up with Juliet. He's not just the charming rogue now, he's a Lost Soul.

    Interested to find out how it's all going to end! :)