Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

Title: The Passenger
Author: Lisa Lutz
Read by: Madeleine Maby
Simon & Schuster
Length: 8 hours and 55 minutes
Source: Review Digital Audio from Simon & Schuster – Thanks!

Tanya DuBois decides to cut and run after her husband Frank falls down the steps and accidentally dies.  Running seems odd for an innocent woman, but things are not always what they seem.  Tanya has a past that she doesn’t want the cops to investigate after Frank’s death.  Tanya starts the run for her life and sheds identities like others shed outfits.  When she meets the mysterious “Blue,” her life takes a new turn with people out to get both her and Blue.  What is Tanya’s true identity?  What is she running from?  What is Blue’s agenda?  Will running from an untruth actually make Tanya into what she is running from?

This story was a good suspense story with many twists and turns.  Madeleine Maby was a great narrator of the audiobook.  This novel worked well as an audiobook and was great to listen to both while driving to work and also working around the house.  Tanya changed her identities, looks, mode of living so many times it kept the reader guessing right along.  The book delivers and lets you know the true story by the end with one final twist that I had not guessed.  I can’t get into much more detail without ruining the plot!

Overall, if you are looking for a good suspense novel that will keep you guessing until the end, The Passenger is the perfect book for you!  It’s great in audiobook format!

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