Monday, February 6, 2017

Warriors #1: Into the Wild and Warriors #2: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter

My eleven year old son Kile is obsessed with the Warriors series. He finishes each book up quickly, wanting more.  The library is having a hard time keeping Kile supplied with his book fix.  When we were recently talking about the greatest living authors, Kile responded with “Erin Hunter.”  We had started reading Warriors:  Into the Wild together a year ago, but it was too slow to read out loud with me so he finished the book by himself.  He asked me to read it so we could talk about it, so I added it to my “to read” pile.  When I finished it, I really wanted to know what would happen next so I picked up #2, Warriors:  Fire and Ice.  I am intrigued by the saga and will hopefully continuing reading it after other review commitments take place.

Warriors #1: Into the Wild
Rusty is a kitty pet who lives in two leg place.  Talking with his friend Smudge, he learns that wild cats live in the woods that surround their homes.  One day while in the woods, Rusty is attacked by one of the wild cats and is able to protect himself. Intrigued by his warrior behavior and needing more warriors in the clan, the warriors take him back to their home in the ThunderClan.  There Rusty is renamed Firepaw and learns that there are four Clans of cats that share this region, each with their own territory.  As Rusty is trained to be a warrior, the ThunderClan faces new threats from the ShadowClan who have an enigmatic new ruler that wants to expand their hunting ground into the other cats’ territory.  Using both his wits, empathy, and fighting skills, Rusty has to prove that he is a warrior and belongs to his clan.   He also battle those within as he doubts the intentions of the Clan’s deputy, Tigerclaw.  This book ended on a cliff hanger and I had to keep reading #2 immediately.

Favorite Quote:  “He always knew how to give a good speech.  He could make you believe a mouse was a rabbit if he set his mind to it.”

Warriors #2: Fire and Ice
Now a warrior, Fireheart (Warrior name of Firepaw) helps out the neighboring WindClan to reclaim their homeland, but both WindClan and ThunderClan face growing tension and threats from the other two clans, RiverClan and ShadowClan.  Fireheart also faces woes as his best friend Graystripe finds love with an enemy RiverClan member and Fireheart longs for his own family. Visiting his kitty pet sister Princess puts Fireheart’s loyalty into question.  Tigerclaw is still making questionable decisions that make Fireheart worry for his clan and their leader Bluestar’s safety.  Will Fireheart be able to feel at one with his clan and will they be able to fend off the growing threats?

Favorite Quote:  “Graystripe, whatever you decide to do, I will always be your friend.”

The action adventure in these novels is very readable.  I also really like the overall message of loyalty to your friends and family, but empathy to others, even if they are your enemy.  There are cat deaths in the battles of the books, which would distress younger readers (my eight-year old son gets distressed just hearing bout it).  Overall, a great read for middle readers (and their parents).

Book Source:  Kile got these books for a birthday present from his Uncle Nick and Aunt Kari

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