Thursday, September 3, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

Finally, we found a children’s movie that my husband actually enjoyed. My husband and I both had fond memories of the 1970’s era Disney Witch Mountain movies and looked forward to this movie. My son Kile really likes space ships so he thought it looked cool too.

Race to Witch Mountain stars Dwanye Johnson (The Rock) as Bruno, taxicab driver that picks up two kids, Seth and Sara, with amazing powers. With Major Henry Burke, an alien being known as a Siphon, as well as random thugs in pursuit, Bruno and the kids race to retrieve their ship on Witch Mountain. The kids had to retrieve important information from earth and return to their home world with it to save their planet and ours.

Race to Witch Mountain was an enjoyable light flick with lots of action and pursuit. You might not want to ponder the plot too much, but it is a good movie for kids. My 3-year old son liked it, but it was a bit violent and scary for him (mostly the Siphon – he was in a scary outfit). He was okay watching it on Daddy’s lap. He liked the kids, the dog (Junkyard) and most especially the flying spaceship. It would probably be a good movie for kids older than Kile.


  1. We watched this one about a month ago and really liked it.

  2. My kids are a bit older, though this sounds like a good family movie for the most part. Thanks for a great review!

  3. i also liked the movie, all of my family did too.

  4. Time Traveller's Wife is one of my favourite books. Thanks for your letting me know about Karleen Koen, I wasn't sure about reading the other 2 but will now order them.

    I'm reading The White Queen now as well, look forward to seeing what you think.