Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Posts for the Victorian Challenge 2012 – Robert Louis Stevenson Month!

I hope everyone is enjoying the final weeks of winter and is looking forward to the start of spring in just a few short weeks. We are closing the reviews on the month of February – Charles Dickens month. We had a total of 13 reviews in addition to a guest blog from Dickensblog and an author interview with Deborah Hopkinson, author of A Boy Called Dickens. Reviews were down from the month of January, but many of you still may be trying to finish up Dickens novels. It took me most of the month to read the massive (and excellent) Drood by Dan Simmons and I was sadly unable to read Oliver Twist. I’m hoping to be able to still read it sometime this year during the Victorian Challenge.

March is Robert Louis Stevenson month for the Victorian Challenge 2012. You can post any Victorian related item you like this month, but I am going to focus on Robert Louis Stevenson and you are allowed to focus with me! We will hopefully have a guest blog post on the Robert Louis Stevenson through the month also to celebrate. Please post your March reviews below in Mr. Linky (and not on the January or February link-up). If you haven’t signed up for the challenge yet, go to this sign-up link.

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish writer born in 1850. He became a Victorian celebrity for publishing such works as The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island, and Kidnapped. Stevenson grew up a sickly child that used his imagination to compose adventures stories even at a young age. As an adult, although his constitution was weak, Stevenson traveled around the world and used these travels as inspiration for his works. He died at the age of 44 in Samoa.

The only Robert Louis Stevenson work I’ve read is The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and it has been some time since I’ve read it. I’ve already listened to an audiobook version and need to type of the review. I’m currently listening to Treasure Island and greatly enjoying it. I’ve got Kidnapped on my pile of books and hopefully I’m able to get to it this month. Do you plan on reading any Stevenson this month? If so, what works of Robert Louis Stevenson interest you?

I look forward to reading your reviews this month!

Please post the name of your blog followed by the item you reviewed. For example, Laura's Reviews (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).


  1. I love Robert Louis Stevenson's writings and look forward to the upcoming posts. I love 'Kidnapped' and 'Black Arrow' as well as 'A Child's Garden of Verses'. Treasure Island was one of my favorite childhood tales.

    Good luck with your reading!

  2. I read a really nice edition of Treasure Island illustrated by a famous Australian artist called Robert Ingpen.

    Good luck everyone with their reading. I also started some of Stevenson's short stories.

    Julie in Australia

  3. Just adding to my piece on Keats' poem, the Eve of St Agnes. I discovered it had been illustrated by EH Wehnert and I've just put it up. Enjoy! (Though technically KEats is Romantic, not Victorian, he influenced Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood)

  4. Here's my piece on the Suicide Club, a short story by R.L. Stevenson

  5. Sorry, I think I accidentally posted my link to the Martin Chuzzlewit review twice. Feel free to take out the first one since I forgot to include the name of the book.

    Really enjoying all the Victorians!

  6. I completely forgot to post the link to my Framley Parsonage review! Well, better late than never. I really enjoyed it, Trollope has become one of my favorite Victorian writers.