Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In the Bag by Kate Klise

In the Bag was our second January book pick for the FLICKS Book and Movie club. We all enjoyed this one as well. Chef Daisy has taken her teenage daughter Coco to Paris for a vacation. On her same flight from the U.S. to Paris is Andrew a single father with a teenage son, Webb. Andrew and Webb fly on to an art exhibit in Spain that Andrew is working on, but not before Andrew leaves a note in Daisy’s purse telling her of his attraction, and Coco and Webb accidently switch bags.

Coco and Webb start an email correspondence to get their bags back and that correspondence quickly turns to flirtation. Daisy is not amused by Andrew’s note, but fate has them meet again in another way.

I thought In the Bag was a very fun, romantic story – and a very quick read. I loved the banter between the couples. I could see this as a very good movie that I would want to see as well. I also loved the note at the end of the book, where Klise admits to once getting a note in her bag on a flight, which inspired this novel. I wanted more details on this secret note!

Book Source: The Kewaunee Public Library

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  1. I also enjoyed this book and thought it would make a fun movie. Great concept.