Friday, June 28, 2013

If the Shoe Fits by Megan Mulry

If the Shoe Fits is a fun modern day romance.  Sarah James is a beautiful young American entrepreneur with a designer shoe business.  According to her stepmother, she is sadly twenty pounds overweight, but that voluptuousness only draws the attention of handsome Devon Heyworth.  Devon is the younger brother of Max, the Duke of Northrop.  He is an intelligent man with a gift for math, but he hides it behind a playboy persona.  I kept picturing him as a Prince Harry sort of man.
Sarah and Devon meet at the wedding of Devon’s brother Max, to Sarah’s best friend, Bronte (I love that for a name!).  The sparks fly and what was meant to be a weekend fling, turns out to be much more for both of them.  Trying to make a proper relationship when Sarah lives in Chicago and Devon lives in London causes problems, as does Devon’s jealousy, and Sarah’s need for independence.  Will these crazy two be able to work through these problems and find true love?
I loved all of the supporting characters, especially Sarah’s grandmother.  I would love to read more about everyone and must pick up A Royal Pain, Bronte and Max’s story.  If you would like to win a copy of A Royal Pain, please leave a comment on the following link by midnight on July 1st.  I wish I could enter!
I loved that Sarah had a professional job and career of her own and was not going to let Devon take away her goals and life.  Devon became a helpmate with these goals, but learned that Sarah did not want him stepping over his bounds.  I loved Sarah’s independence.
Devon is quite the sexy character.  I also loved that he works in an architect firm for the following reason.  “For some reasons, the ladies like architects.  That was my main factor when narrowing down the field, of course – that, and what I might be able to do with the least possible effort.  I just looked up sexy professions, you know, the guy most likely and all that, and the top five were athlete, fireman, doctor, architect, or model.”  I read this quote to my husband and we both had a good laugh.  My husband is a structural engineer and works extensively with architects.  I’m an environmental engineer myself.  We both lamented that engineers are never on the sexy list. 
I loved that professional careers were in this book on the forefront, although I wish engineering would have been brought up.  I was confused that Devon “could do the complex calculations for suspension bridges, flying buttresses, and undulating titanium fascia in very little time.”  This sounds like an engineer to me, not an architect.  I was also confused that he worked in the specifications department doing these calculations.  These types of calculations would be part of the design, and would be something the structural engineer would be doing.  Specifications are more directions on how the construction process will be completed.  They are riveting to write, I can tell you from experience.  I’ve lamented before how I wish engineering was in literature more, especially with sexy engineers, rather than the boring guy that no one wants to be around. Devon should be an engineer and help to show it can be sexy!
Overall, I loved If the Shoe Fits.  It was a very steamy novel, but it was balanced out by the fact that the two wanted a real relationship and had their own professional lives and family lives.  The characters were both charming and realistic, and I was only sad when the novel ended.  I want more!
Book Source:  Review Copy from Sourcebooks.  Thank-you!


  1. This sounds really good, Laura. I can tell you thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Sad when it ended? That's a great sign of a good read!

  3. It is a fun read! I definitely need to read A Royal Pain.

  4. i like these books ,and i can't wait to read