Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

Title: Just One Evil Act
Author: Elizabeth George
Read by: Davina Porter
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Length: Approximately 28.5 hours (24 CDs)
Source: Penguin Audio Review Copy – Thank-you!

Just One Evil Act is the latest novel in the Inspector Lynley series.  Inspector Lynley’s partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, is very close with her neighbors Taymullah Azhar, his lover Angelina, and their daughter Hadiyyah.  While Angelina had disappeared a year before, she had returned and the family had rebuilt their lives together. . . . until now.  Angelina has disappeared again, this time with Hadiyyah.  Azhar is heartbroken, especially as he realizes that since he and Angelina never married and he is not on the birth certificate, there is not much he can do to legally force Hadiyyah’s return.  Barbara and Azhar hire a private detective, but Angelina and Hadiyyah seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

Then one day, Angelina reappears from Italy with her new lover and the news that Hadiyyah has been kidnapped from them in Italy.  When Scotland Yard will not get involved, Barbara takes matters into her own hands to the detriment of her career.  Barbara and Lynley soon discover that this case has many, many twists, turns, and mysteries beyond a simple kidnapping.

I was intrigued with this case, just when I thought I knew what was happening, the story would change. I also loved that it was personal for Barbara; it was much more her story this time around then Inspector Lynley’s.  She has a hidden love for Azhar that she constantly has to deny herself.  This novel translated perfectly to an audiobook that keeps wanting to listen.  Davina Porter is one of the rock stars of audiobook narration and she once again does an excellent job with this audiobook.  I enjoyed listening to it all summer.  I only started listening to this series last year with Believing the Lie.  It is one that you can pick up on even if you haven’t read or listened to all of the previous works.

Overall, Just One Evil Act was an excellent mystery audiobook that had many twists and turns, but also questioned what one Detective would do to help a friend.  Is it ethical?


  1. I've always liked Elizabeth George and try to somehow get to her books. This one was certainly different.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this audiobook, Laura. It sounds like a wonderful mystery with an enticing setting.

  3. It was different, but it was only my second novel in the series so I enjoyed it. Mystica - your comment does make me wonder how fans of the entire series received it! On to Goodreads . . .