Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent is book two in the Divergent trilogy.  It’s hard to explain this one without ruining the plot.  Tris has made it through the training and has been selected to be initiated in her chosen faction, but war between the factions has broken out.  As a divergent, Tris finds herself among the hunted and also discovers that there are more divergents like herself.  Tris and Four find themselves at odds, but also working together with a team to try to bring peace back to the factions as well as to discover, why are their factions?  Why is there a fence around their community, what is on the outside?  I still want to know!

Insurgent wasn’t a strong a novel as Divergent, but I still highly enjoyed it.  I read through it quickly and thought it was very action packed.  I can’t wait to read Allegiant and see how it all ends.  Overall, this series is great and highly recommended!

Book Source:  A Birthday Present from my Husband

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  1. Laura, I'm glad you enjoyed this book and this series!