Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Love Finds You On Christmas Morning by Debby Mayne and Trish Perry

Love Finds You On Christmas Morning is a lovely Christmas book made up of two stories; one set in the 1920’s, and one in modern times.  In “Deck the Halls” by Debby Mayne, Lillian Pickard supports her mother and father by working full time at a dime store.  Her father is unable to work due to an accident.  Wealthy farmer William Tronnier fancies Lillian, but her family tells her that he is above her socially and wouldn’t be interested in her with marriage in mind.  In “‘Tis The Season”, Tronnier descendent, Nikki Tronnier is a chef that moves back to her home town with the goal to buy back her Great-Grandparents home.  She has just saved enough money, when engineer and man she has just started to date, Drew Cornell, buys the home not knowing her plans.  What will Nikki do?

I really enjoyed this Christmas novel.  I liked how the two stories were connected and that they were set in Cary, North Carolina.  I have never been there, but did work on a few engineering projects there back in the day. Sadly my request for a site visit did not go through.  I also love that Lillian works at a dime store.  I worked at one myself while in high school.  I thought it was interesting that a wealthy farmer would be considered a different social class than a dime store worker.  It made me think about my Great-Grandpa and Grandma Kile and their love story, which was on similar lines.  I had never thought about the social ramifications.  I did get slightly annoyed about how the parents were adamant that William would only want one thing and even after meeting him, kept insisting that Lillian not be with him.

Overall though, this is an excellent light Christian Christmas romance.  I loved that it was romantic and about building a relationship with the one you love.

Book Source:  A Christmas Gift from my best friend Jenn.

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